Contaminated land is present over wide areas of the UK due its industrial past. Contamination can range from slight local contamination to heavy contamination over a wide area. Not all contaminated land is in urban areas. Some heavily contaminated land can occur in the countryside. Quite often a contaminated site can appear to be open farmland with no surface expression of the contamination lying beneath the surface.


We are able to offer a complete service from assessment to remediation or to carry out only one or two of the options.

Site Assessment

We are able to undertake desk studies of sites using commercially available information and in most cases determine the likelihood of contamination being present on the site and the potential risk to target groups. We can also carry out assessments of numbers of sites to determine the relative risk posed by each of the sites and hence prioritise the investigation process. Further details can be found by clicking on the button at the side.

Site Investigation

Based on a desk study (phase 1 investigation) we can plan and carry out both preliminary and detailed site investigations using a variety of techniques. These are detailed in the site assessment page but include surface sampling, trial pitting, borehole installation, geophysical techniques and monitoring.


Monitoring of contaminated land is usually related to the determination of various parameters on water samples either in situ or in the laboratory. These can be from surface waters or samples taken from boreholes installed as part of the site investigation programme. Landfill gas present in the ground can also be monitored using either probes or boreholes installed in the site investigation.


A wide range of remediation techniques are available. These mainly rely on some form of on site or in situ treatment of the contaminated material. In certain cases engineered containment may be an option. We are able to advise on the optimum method and to supervise specialist contractors. We are also able to carry out a post remediation compliance survey.