Landfill sites have always been the only way to dispose of bulk waste. Even today considerable quantities of waste is disposed of to landfill. While the most toxic and polluting materials are now treated or incinerated there is always a residue that requires disposal. In addition there will always be a requirement to dispose of the elements of construction waste that cannot be recycled or re-used locally.

We have expertise and experience in all aspects of landfill from initial assessment to post operational monitoring. Because we have experience in handling and treating waste we are able to take all matters into account when considering any proposed landfill site.


We are able to provide a complete service from an initial assessment of a site to long term monitoring after closure.


There are many types of landfill sites both in terms of the waste that they can accept and in the geological and environmental conditions of the site itself. We can advise on the suitability of any potential site in terms of its geological location and the type of waste that would be acceptable.


Landfill sites require careful design to ensure that they do not cause pollution at any stage of their operation and also to ensure the stability of the waste. A detailed site investigation programme is usually required at this stage. We have designed landfill sites of all sizes and all waste types and have prepared the documentation for both planning and permit applications.


We carry out audits of landfill site operations to ensure that they conform to the various requirements.


Monitoring of landfill sites is required in order to ensure that they do not cause pollution of ground or surface waters or cause a hazard due to the migration of landfill gas or dust off the site. We have been carrying out monitoring of all sizes of landfill sites for many years and are experienced in all types of monitoring.