The accurate recording of the size, shape and position of land and structures has always been of great importance. Where boundaries are not accurately recorded costly and lengthy legal disputes can result. Dams and other large earth and concrete structures must be regularly and accurately monitored to ensure that movement is not taking place.

We are able to carry out a wide range of topographic surveys using the most up to date techniques. In addition we have a great deal of experience in carrying out accurate measurements of movement taking place on land and structures.


Topographic Surveys.

We are able to carry out surveys of all scales from a few square meters to square kilometers in area. We use a combination of methods including GPS and aerial surveys to produce plans and maps to a specified accuracy. Based on these plans we are able to calculate volumes to a specific datum level or to set out foundations or other structures. For small or restricted sites we can use more conventional techniques such as EDM if required.

Movement Surveys.

We can provide and install permanent and semi=permanent markers on land and structures, designed to move with the land or structure if it moves. In the case of land the markers may be anchored to the subsoil and isolated from the top soil to reduce seasonal variation. We can use precision techniques to accurately measure the three dimensional position of each marker over a period of time and so monitor any movement that is taking place.