We off a wide range of services in the environmental field to companies, organisations and individuals. Much of our work can be divided amongst the following categories. If you have a problem that does not fit into these categories we may still be able to help. Go to Contact Us and speak to a consultant who can advise you.

Contaminated Land

Contaminated land is present over wide areas of the UK due its industrial past. Contamination can range from slight local contamination to heavy contamination over a wide area. Not all contaminated land is in urban areas. Some heavily contaminated land can occur in the countryside. Quite often a contaminated site can appear to be open farmland with no surface expression of the contamination lying beneath the surface. We are able to offer a complete service from assessment to remediation or to carry out only one or two of the options.

Landfill Sites

Landfill sites have always been the only way to dispose of bulk waste. Even today considerable quantities of waste is disposed of to landfill. While the most toxic and polluting materials are now treated or incinerated there is always a residue that requires disposal. In addition there will always be a requirement to dispose of the elements of construction waste that cannot be recycled or re-used locally.

We have expertise and experience in all aspects of landfill from initial assessment to post operational monitoring. Because we have experience in handling and treating waste we are able to take all matters into account when considering any proposed landfill site.


A wide variety of wastes are produced by industry and households. These can be divided into construction Industry waste, domestic waste, commercial waste, hazardous waste and radioactive waste. Many of these wastes can be recycled to provide new raw materials or incinerated to provide energy. We have experience in dealing with all of these waste categories


The accurate recording of the size, shape and position of land and structures has always been of great importance. Where boundaries are not accurately recorded costly and lengthy legal disputes can result. Dams and other large earth and concrete structures must be regularly and accurately monitored to ensure that movement is not taking place.


The increasing number of Brownfield developments, that is building on land that has previously been used, means that sellers and purchasers of homes are often confronted with a search result that indicates that the property of interest is built on, or adjacent to, contaminated land. Alternatively searches may indicate an risk of flooding, subsidence or the presence of radon gas.